Class Whanau
Harakeke: Y0 - 1

Kerry, Zeenat and Kura teach Harakeke.  Our youngest students have a fantastic grounding in early numeracy and literacy as well as lots of fun learning through play, the arts and experimentation.  Students enter Harakeke throughout the term, so the class composition changes constantly.  Our current students support new students in the daily routine which remains much the same every day, and is displayed on a large visual timetable.  As the class grows, some children may move through to Pohutukawa.  

It’s always great to have an extra pair of hands! If you want to help out in Harakeke occasionally or on a regular basis, just let us know. Harakeke are particularly keen to have help on a regular basis during reading and writing time- 11.15-12.30 any day.

Pohutukawa: Y1-2

Xandra, Janessa and Kura teach in Pohutukawa. 

We have home classes for administrative purposes, but the teachers in Pohutukawa work with all students throughout a day.  We value and encourage creative thinking, collaborative learning and students learning how to become great learners.  Literacy and numeracy are taught in smaller groups and while this is happening students work individually and with peers on activities which further support their learning.  This year we are continuing to be observant and inquiring scientists. We do plenty of art, te reo Māori and learning activities that draw on the diverse cultures and interests of our students.  


Parent help in the classroom is warmly welcomed.  

Karaka: Y3 - 4


Karaka is made up of Year 3/4 children and three teachers, Cameron, Anne and Sandy. We are also lucky enough to have our DP,  Mel, working in Karaka on Tuesdays. Despite looking remarkably young, the Karaka teachers have around 50 years of teaching experience between them.


There are 3 classroom spaces that make up the Karaka environment. Students move between all the spaces and are organised into Literacy, Numeracy and Home classes.  A focus in Karaka is developing independent and self management skills and we give the children lots of opportunities to work in a range of ways such as whole class, in groups, pairs or independently to build these.  


As teachers, we plan and teach cooperatively and collaboratively to access the strengths of our team.  Between us we have skills and interests in a range of learning areas such as P.E., music, art, te reo Māori and digital technology.

Ngaio: Y5 - 6

Anya and Joseph are keen to provide an engaging and challenging learning environment for all learners. We teach students strategies to become more active and focused in their learning.


We plan and teach collaboratively to access the strengths of our team, ensuring we provide rich learning experiences for everyone! Your child/children will have learning experiences with all teachers during the year. 


Students and teachers work together to identify next learning steps using assessment and reflections. We run workshops based on learning needs,  which allow students to access teacher and peer input. Our workshops are mixed ability; this allows students to learn from others and to build leadership through explaining their thinking.

Rimu: Y6- 8

Max and Leon will be teaching the Year 6 to 8 students. Over the year, students will work collaboratively with a range of students. They will learn in both class spaces at different times and will work with both Max and Leon at different times.

Students in Rimu are supported to direct their own learning. They identify their learning goals, next steps and how to plan their time to meet these goals. Workshops are offered based on learning needs, allowing students to access the learning they need from a teacher. Students will also have a range of follow up activities to consolidate their new learning.