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Our Vision

We develop creative thinkers who overcome challenges and thrive in a diverse world.

Ka whakawhanakehia e mātou ngā kaiwhakaaro auaha e puta ai i ngā wero me te tipu i roto i tēnei ao hurihuri.


Principals Welcome

Tēnā tātou katoa e te whānau

Dobar dahn, Nabad, Hola, Ciao, Ni hao, Namaste, Talofa, Bonjour, Χαιρετίσματα, Grüß Gott, Zdravím, Приветствия, สวัสดี, Sawasdee, Konnichiwa, Pozdrowenia, Selamlar, Guten tag, Salaam, Salama Aleikum, Leikum Zdras-Tvuy-Te, Ahn-Young-Ha-Se-Yo, Marhaba, Nay Hoh.

About Clyde Quay School

Hi, I’m Liz Patara, Principal at Clyde Quay School (CQS).   

Established in 1889, Clyde Quay School was originally sited near Oriental Bay before relocating to Elizabeth St in Mount Victoria. The school has a long and proud tradition.


Clyde Quay School provides a comprehensive full primary experience for around 240 children, the majority of whom come from Mount Victoria.  


Classes extend from a cosy new entrants area, where class sizes are kept below 15, right through to year 8. Year 8 children move straight to secondary education without going to intermediate schools.


The varied backgrounds of the school community provide rich experiences for children. Clyde Quay School has families from across a range of socio economic groups and occupations. The school also has a lovely multi-ethnic feel with over 25 cultural groups represented. Kiwi Pakeha 46%, Māori 6%, Pasifika 3%, Asian 30%, Europeans 6%, Other groups 8%.


We believe the diversity of the school community is a reflection of the world our children will live in as adults, and that the school prepares them for success in that world. It is something which makes all of us very proud. As one child said to me on my first day, “Whaea Liz, different is good”.

If you need information, and would like to view the school’s ERO Report, or you would like to talk to other parents about Clyde Quay School, please contact either myself, Debra or Catherine in the office.


Our phone number is 04 3850900 and our email address is

We will be very happy to provide prospective newcomers with the information you need on our school.

Liz Patara, Clyde Quay School Principal

226A6825LR Liz 1.jpg
Experienced and Capable Staff

CQS staff are competent, experienced, and their respective expertise channeled. There are 10-12 teaching staff and at any one time, the school has up to 10 additional people (specialists and support staff) working in the school.

The Principal, Liz Patara, is an experienced educationalist and maintains currency by undertaking further study, the most recent, a 2018 sabbatical researching coaching and mentoring plus collaborative learning. 


Staff are caring and committed to providing the best possible education for all Clyde Quay School children. They are approachable and keen to ensure that both children and parents find the school a rewarding experience. There is a balance between experienced teachers and those early in their career. The male to female balance strengthens the school, as does the different cultural experiences each brings.


Careful attention is paid to managing school behaviour to ensure a climate where students have an appropriate level of respect for each other and staff.  Bullying is incumbent on all of us to address.


Debra Weston and Catherine Dunn in the office, go out of their way to assist and welcome visitors.

Clyde Quay Team

Got questions? We'd love to hear from you. Simply click on a name to email the team member.

Senior Leadership Team

Specialist Teachers
Harakeke, Year 0 - 1
Pohutukawa, Year 1 - 2
Karaka, Year 3 - 4
Ngaio, Year 5 - 6
Rimu, Year 7 - 8
Support Staff

School Board

The school has a committed and dedicated school board and good community support.

The Board is responsible for setting the school strategic direction and ensuring a safe environment and quality education for all its students. The Board oversees the management of personnel, curriculum, property and finance.

The Clyde Quay School strategic plan identifies a number of exciting projects including:

  • further playground development

  • upgrading information technology

  • modernising learning environments


The CQS Board usually meet on the second Monday of each month, parents are welcomed to attend Board meetings and are regularly canvassed for opinions on school policies and future directions. If you are wanting to attend, please let the Board or school office know in advance so we can ensure any necessary paperwork is available for you.

Current Board Members


  • Liz Patara (Principal)

  • Michelle Little (Chairperson)

  • Sarah Todd

  • Sue Bibby

  • Rona Lemalu

  • Chris Myatt

  • Andrew Neal

  • Neil Passey

  • Cameron Ross (Staff Rep)

If you'd like to get in touch with the Board, please do so via email

What students say about Clyde Quay School

Neo, Year 7

“The teachers are more than ready to help us in our learning"

Amalia, Year 4

"I love our playground and the teachers are really nice because even if we make mistakes they come and help us"

Jack, Year 2

“School is fun. I like playing with my friends and the teachers are nice”
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