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Clyde Quay School

Clyde Quay School has a thriving community involved in running numerous events throughout the year

to raise funds for the school.

Students enjoying a fundraiser organised by Clyde Quay School Whānau and Friends

Whānau and Friends

The Clyde Quay School Whānau and Friends (WAF) was established mid 2013 with the purpose of being a liaison between school parents, teachers and the Board of Trustees. A major function of the WAF is fundraising to cover the shortfall between school income (voluntary donations and government funding) and expenditure for the services the school provides. The deficit differs from year to year but it is often in the vicinity of $45k pa. The Board of Trustees recently increased voluntary donations and it is likely they may increase again in the following years. However we are sill left with a significant shortfall.

The WAF of Clyde Quay School is a parent driven organisation working to benefit all of our children. We are a group of energetic parents excited to be part this important group. Please consider joining the WAF as we would love your input in continuing to make the school a great place for our kids to learn. Meeting dates will be posted in the school newsletter and on this page. No previous experience is required! 

Parents helping during a fundraiser at Clyde Quay School


Anne Gordon  (staff rep)

Phernne Tancock

Lauren Wong

Dee Johnston

Jane O'Loughlan

Maggie Lynch

Sam Halikias

The WAF coordinates the fundraising efforts of the school that are crucial. New whānau members are alway welcome!  

If you are interested in finding out more please see Catherine or Debra at the office, or contact any of the current Whānau and Friends members.

New World Wellington City School Fundraiser

New World Wellington City School Sponsorship

This is a very, very easy way for all Clyde Quay families to fundraise money for the school and all you have to do is shop at Wellington City New World.

Have your docket stamped at the time of purchase by a Checkout Supervisor and deposit your docket in the Clyde Quay School drop box provided in the main entrance of New World. (Duplicate receipts can be requested, at time of purchase, if the original is required).

Every time you purchase products from New World Wellington City, they will pay the school 1.5% pa of the total $ sales value.

So get shopping and support this great fundraiser and drop those dockets into the box provided. Every bit helps the school. Sponsorship will be paid at the end of each School term.

Yummy Fruit Stickers - collect to get sports gear for Clyde Quay School

Yummy Fruit Stickers

Remember to still collect the cut-out labels from bags of Yummy apples or individual Yummy apple stickers, available from New World, Pak’n Save and participating Four Square stores. Every participating school gets FREE champs sports gear. 


The more you collect, the more sports gear the school will get, so get going and start collecting your yummy cut-out labels and stickers now! 


See Catherine in the office to get a copy of the collection sheet or download from

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