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Can you help?  We would love for these pages to be updated with the new information for 2020.  There are 2 short paragraphs that need a couple of changes in order to remain correct.  If you can help please email Mel or speak to Helen in the office.

In 2018, senior students, Maya, Jasmin and Ruiying, began working on a project for the competition 123Tech.  They were supported by Tra-My earlier in the year before heading back to Vietnam, and were them joined by Emma when she arrived from France.  The project involved finding a problem in the school or community and finding a solution that utilises Technology.  They decided that as our school had 27 different languages spoken at home other than English, that there was a need to make sure that all families had access to information that they could readily access in their own language.  The information would include things about how CQS works, as well as a bit of information about schooling in New Zealand.  They have been building a website for this.  It is a work in progress with more information in different languages being added as and when possible.  If you have any expertise in translating between English and another language, and would like to help the girls, please contact their teacher Mel to make arrangements.  If you find any errors, please let us know - we are doing our best and are happy to receive help!

This page is a work in progress.  Come back regularly to see what new content we have added.

IMG_1485 (1).JPG

Ruiying, Maya, Jasmin and Emma receive their 1st place medals and trophy at the 123Tech Regional Awards, for which this part of our school website was their project.

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