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Have a passion for writing?  Then the Writing Club is the place for you! 


Support staff members Claire and Hana run a lunchtime writers club for anyone interested.  Their enthusiasm is infectious and bound to help get the creative juices flowing.  There are lots of opportunities to have your work published and shared in different ways.  To check out our fabulous writing, view our own webpage.

Breaking News

Young poet Keizo, has had a submission of his poetry accepted for publication in the Toitoi Journal for Young Writers and Artists.  When the publication comes out 2 copies will be presented to him, and 2 copies for our library.  In the meantime check out the poem below, or the illustrated version proudly presented in Rimu.

Find out more about Toitoi here.

8 ways of looking at my school life 



Oh Tanya,
please can you come back to school

on Monday?                      
I love your work



Oh fractions 
please can you tell me
why I love maths so much?
I wish that maths
was ⅗
of the school day.


By the school office
on the whiteboard calendar:

11 weeks of fun.

But why is there 
no swimming for 2 weeks?



February will become March 

on Wednesday.

It’s on the same day

that January became February.



I’ve done 4,5,6 and 8

of the brown S.R.A cards.

How many S.R.A. cards are there?

Probably 12.



In the freetime pool

there are two ways

to get out:

the ramp and the side of the pool.

Mr Hutton said “Get out”

but Leroy said ‘You can stay in”

I missed freetime


Next week 

will be different.



67 is a nice age

but can you be 86?

Maybe the oldest people 

are 99.



Most people walk to school.

I walk to school

at the perfect speed