Welcome to Pohutukawa
Pohutukawa - 2020


Nau mai, haere mai ki Pohutukawa.


In Pohutukawa there are 2 teachers, Xandra Boswell and James Kyle.


While we have home classes for administrative purposes, the teachers in Pohutukawa work with all students throughout a day.  We value and encourage creative thinking, collaborative learning and students learning how to become great learners.


We teach literacy and numeracy in smaller groups and while this is happening students work individually and with peers on activities which further support their learning.


This year we are continuing to be observant and inquiring scientists. We do plenty of art, te reo Māori and learning activities that draw on the diverse cultures and interests of our students.  


We warmly welcome parent help in the classroom and encourage any questions parents may have throughout the year.


Ngā mihi

Xandra and James





In Pohutukawa students will be given a reader every day to read at home. Because we want this to be an enjoyable experience, you can take turns with pages and have fun discussing the pictures with your child. Students can also access online readers at their reading level through a website called Sunshine Online. Please ask us any time for your child’s reading level and the school password for access to these online readers. They are particularly good to use during the school holidays.



Research shows that when children are working in maths contexts that interest them, they do better. While we don’t give maths homework, here are a range of activities you could enjoy with your child at home that will help develop their number sense and knowledge.


Maths at our house - Going places (Junior Activities)

Maths at our house - Junior Shopping Activities

Maths at our house - Cooking

Maths at our house - Reading together

Maths at our house - Gardening and Measuring

Maths at our house - Playing Games

Maths at our house - Watching Sport together

Maths at our house - Recycling

Maths at our house - Puzzles