Welcome to Karaka

Learning in Karaka

Leon, Anya and Joseph are keen to provide an engaging and challenging learning environment for all learners. We teach students strategies to become more active and focused in their learning.


We plan and teach collaboratively to access the strengths of our team, ensuring we provide rich learning experiences for everyone! Your child/children will have learning experiences with all teachers during the year. 


Students and teachers work together to identify next learning steps using assessment and reflections. We run workshops based on learning needs,  which allow students to access teacher and peer input. Our workshops are mixed ability; this allows students to learn from others and to build leadership through explaining their thinking. 


While we have some independent learning, a big focus is on collaborative work. We expect students to challenge their thinking by having to work with others and explain their thinking to a range of people. This also means students are hearing different ideas and learning from other students. 


Collaborative learning is balanced with a wide range of independent, peer, group and whole class activities to consolidate learning. There are accountability checks factored into our way of learning with reflection time being a part of the learning process. This allows for teacher checks and learning conversations with individuals when needed.

Ngā mihi

Leon, Anya and Joseph

Home Learning

In year 5 and 6 we encourage students to read for 20 minutes per night and to practise some maths strategies and knowledge. Students might like to teach parents a maths game they have learnt, help cook dinner (proportions and ratios) or write the shopping list. Below are a list of websites that can help with home learning.

If you would like  you can purchase "Start Right" books from Whitcoulls and other book stores. These books follow the New Zealand curriculum.


Homework Links

Here are a few links that students can focus on to help them complete this work.


CQS Building Maths Knowledge
NZ Maths
Study Ladder
Free Training Tutorial
Maths is Fun
Sheppard Software
Khan Academy



Wellington City Library, Book Lists
Spelling City (Click on Find a list - teacher: Keith Hutton)
Using English Quizzes
Magnetic Poetry



BBC Dance Mat Typing


Khan Academy



Puppet Pals – puppeteering and voicing characters. FREE but for $4.19 you can take photos and cut people out of them to include in the story. Also gives you more characters to select from.
Toontastic – FREE Storyboarding app.
Comic life – Make comic strips using photos and attaching text - $6.49
Book Creator – make your own ebooks by adding photos, text and sound. $6.49

Bookbox - aceess ebooks and audio books using your Wellington Library card - FREE
Spelling city – testing essential lists, word games, teaches you how to spell the word – FREE  (Click on Find a list - teacher: Keith Hutton)
Pop words – like boggle. Make as many words as you can. FREE
Hooked on words – wordfind. FREE

imovie – basic version to create your own movies. Able to make a trailer of a movie… or a book! $6.49
Hopscotch - basic programming for children. FREE

Meteor math – basic facts game. FREE
Maths Basic Facts -  FREE
Mathletics student – better to run this from the computer as it is still expanding the activities available. FREE

If your child uses other great educational apps please email Keith so we can add them to the list and share with others. If they are free, all the better.