Welcome to Ngaio


Tena tatou katoa e te whanau,


Anne Gordon, Cameron Ross, and Caroline Harmsworth are the teachers of Karaka (year 3-4).


Each student has an assigned home group, made up of students in Year 3-4. Administrative tasks, such as attendance and evacuation procedures, will be carried out in these groups. Please contact your child’s home group teacher in the first instance if you have any queries.


Numeracy and literacy groups are created based on student needs. It is most likely that your child/children will have learning experiences with all three teachers during the year.


We plan and teach collaboratively to access the strengths of our team, ensuring we provide rich learning experiences for everyone!

At Matairangi Clyde Quay, we do this through the 4 Rs, (Learning dispositions)    


• Resilience- not giving up,


• Resourcefulness- –being able to use a range of learning strategies and knowing what to do when you are stuck,


• Reflectiveness- being able to think about yourself as a learner and how you might be able to do this better,


• Reciprocity- –being able to learn with and from others, as well as on your own.


These dispositions are then split into seventeen learning ‘muscles’ that the children are encouraged to ‘stretch’ within their everyday lessons and activities and apply to different aspects of their learning.


We look forward to an exciting year of learning and growth.


Ko te ahurei o te tamaiti arihia ō tātou mahi. Let the uniqueness of the child guide what we do.


Ngā mihi mahana


Anne, Cameron & Caroline