Welcome to Harakeke

Tena tatou katoa e te whanau
Nau mai hoki mai


The beginning of the year is an exciting time for our 5 year olds.  The students will become familiar with school life at CQS, they will make new friends and participate in an engaging class programme. 


The focus for learning in Harakeke is the acquisition of early literacy and numeracy skills, alongside the social and behaviour skills needed to make progress at school. The teachers in Harakeke are Kerry Annett, Janessa Naran, and Kura Firth. Kerry teaches Monday-Thursdays, Janessa teaches Tuesday-Fridays and Kura teaches on Monday and Fridays.

Kura is also in our class at other times to release Kerry or Janessa for administrative tasks.  The teachers plan and teach collaboratively to maximise their strengths and provide a stimulating and engaging learning environment.

Students enter Harakeke throughout the term, so the class composition changes constantly. Students are assessed using a variety of school entry and literacy/numeracy assessment tools shortly after they have started. Their needs are identified and where necessary the class programme is adjusted to cater for them. As the class grows, some children may move through to Pohutukawa, which is the Year 1 and 2 class.

Welcome current and new families to Term 1 in Harakeke!

Our daily schedule

Our current students support new students in the daily routine which remains much the same every day, and is displayed on a large visual timetable. Reading, writing, oral language and inquiry learning happen every morning, and in the afternoon maths, art, health and physical education are the foci.

In Term 1 along with establishing class culture, routines and expectations we focus on building relationships and learning about each other. 

We also continue to find out about Growth Mindset and building our learning power which is the core to pursuing what’s coined the modern learning environment.

As part of our summer PE programme, the students attend swimming lessons at Kilbirnie Pool once a week. 

As students settle into Harakeke they quickly learn the class routines, and are able to support and welcome new class members. At break times they can choose to play in the small area outside our classroom, or in the junior or senior playgrounds. If you want to know anything more about Harakeke, come and ask a Harakeke kid - they’ll happily tell you all about it!


Harakeke students will bring home a reader every day to share with their family. These will be books they have read that day at school, or favourites they have read before. They'll also bring home an Alphabet Sheet once a week, which can be done at any time during the week then returned to school to share with the class.

Students with access to the internet can also practise maths, spelling, and letter/sound knowledge by clicking on the following websites:

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Parent Help

It’s always great to have an extra pair of hands! If you want to help out in Harakeke occasionally or on a regular basis, just let us know. We’re particularly keen to have help on a regular basis during reading and writing time- 11.15-12.30 any day.

Nga Mihi

Kerry, Janessa and Kura

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