Our Team

Junior School

Kerry Annett   
Janessa Naran
Harakeke (Yr 0/1)
Harakeke (Yr 0/1)
Marlaina Myers
Xandra Boswell
Amanda Thornton
Pohutukawa (Yr 1/2)
Pohutukawa (Yr 1/2)
Pohutukawa (Yr 1/2)
Tim Chan
Anne Gordon
Nichole Crawley
Karaka (Yr 2-4)
Karaka (Yr 2-4)
Karaka (Yr 2-4)

Senior School
Keith Hutton
Leon Davidson
Ngaio (Yr 5/6)
Ngaio (Yr 5/6)
Tom Simmons
Sandy O'Brien
Micheline Evans
Rimu (Yr 7/8)
Rimu (Yr 7/8)
Rimu (Yr 7/8)

Specialist Teachers
I am a reading recovery teacher. This is an intensive reading and writing programme for children who have made the least progress relative to their classmates. My job is to target the strategies and strengths of each child and to build onto these strategies they need to become independent. I am the ELL (English Language Learners) teacher targeting children from other cultures. My job is to help them to learn English using a variety of strategies. I am also the ORS teacher (working with children who are funded through the ministry) My job is to target needs and create a specialized programme to help support the child's learning.
Amanda Thornton
Reading Recovery

Teacher Aides
Tanya Barrett
Hana Bright
Matthew Harding

Claire Orchard

The teacher aides in this school are used in a variety of ways. They support the teachers when there is a need, within the classroom, with small groups, helping individuals with particular needs, and in targeted learning areas.

Admin Staff
Annette Forbes
Helen Burnet
Catherine Dunn
Office Manager

Robert Stewart
Narelle Hohua

Board of Trustees (2017)

The Board of Trustees is responsible for setting the school strategic direction and ensuring a safe environment and quality education for all its students. The Board oversees the management of personnel, curriculum, property and finance.
The CQS Board usually meet on the first Wednesday of each month, parents are welcome to attend Board meetings.

Current Board members:

Liz Patara (Principal)
Keith Hutton (Teacher Rep)
Thorsten Engel (Chairperson)
Charles Morley-Hall
Shane Ngan
David Phipps
Xavier Ruch
David Woods
Claire Murdoch