Thursday, 17 April 2014

Prize announcement

SUPER PRIZE for a SUPER FAMILY!! We are pleased to announce that the family that sells the most Entertainment Memberships by Friday 16 May will win a $100 Wagamama voucher and a Family pass to Zealandia (value $44) YUM and FUN for the family all in one prize go on get selling! Have you sent that email with the link to your work colleagues yet???
For the competition, ask your friends/family/colleagues to let you know if they purchase online so you can give us those names by the 16th May. Where we can, we will reconcile those sales with who introduced them and determine the family that sold the most that way, in addition to any book sales through the office. 
For those that don't want to purchase the book, or can't sell it, please return your copy to the office today.