Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Great running success

Our Anne Hare Challenge Relay teams competed brilliantly yesterday! 

Check out the results:

Year 4 mixed
1st place       Clyde Quay Yr 4                      7:12.05
2nd place      Northland Brilliant Bolts          7:18.05
3rd place       Northland Speedsters              7:28.09

Year 5-6 mixed
1st place       Miramar North Mixers             6:05.23
2nd place     Clyde Quay Yr 5-6                   6:11.43
3rd place      Island Bay Kanapu                  6:17.44

Year 7-8 mixed
1st place      Clyde Quay Yr 7-8                   5:42.53 *
2nd place     Hataitai Yr 7-8                        6:07.74

* Bettered the record of 5:44.6

A fantastic effort, particularly the record breaking run from our Year 7 & 8 team. 

The organisers of the event, Primary Sport Wellilngton, were impressed with the enthusiasm, excitement, pleasure and sportsmanship displayed by all the children involved.