Monday, 17 March 2014

Anne Hare Challenge

Clyde Quay is entering teams in the Anne Hare Challenge this year.  This challenge is a continuous relay where the teams try to beat the 2000m New Zealand record time of local and New Zealand Representative runner, Anne Hare.

The teams consist of 10 runners, either 10 boys, 10 girls or a mix of 5 boys and 5 girls and is open to Year 4-8 students.  One runner is nominated as captain and he or she runs the first leg of 100 metres.  The other nine team members run 50 metres then pass the baton to the next member at designated change points, continuing to run in sequence until the last 100 metres when the captain takes the baton and runs to the finish line.
A lot of concentration is required to ensure that the correct number of laps are run and of course baton changes are hugely important.

The relay is being held tonight at Newtown Park.  We have a Year 4 team, a Year 5 & 6 team and a Year 7 & 8 team taking part.  We wish the runners well.